Thank you for choosing Bellezza Beauty Bar!


Please read carefully before booking: 

It is your responsibility to read the full booking policy!


  • Please Arrive on time. We have a 8 min grace period, after that your appointment will be canceled. 

  • Please be sure to add a soak off to your appointment if you have (gel polish, dip powder) that needs to be removed.

  • Acrylic Removal: Please book an acrylic removal and arrive 1 hour prior to your appointment. If you are late to the prior time that is needed to soak off we will have to reschedule your appointment time.

  • If you have an acrylic removal you will not be allowed to book the salon's first morning appt at opening, You will be required to book at least an hour after salon opening hours, and come in an hour prior to your appt.  * For example: If the salon opens at 10:30am, you will have to book a 11:30am appt, and come in at 10:30am or soak off the day before if you need the first morning appt.

  • The prices listed on the booking page can be subjected to change as additional services are added.

  • Please be sure to book "add ons" to your services if needed to ensure proper reserved time for your appointment. 

Choosing The Correct Technician for Your Appointment!


At our salon we have a variety of technicians to service you. Each technician have different level of skill sets that will provide you with a unique experience. We do offer discounted services to our clients that are getting serviced with our Level One and Level Two Technicians. 

Level One: 15% Off

Level Two: 10% Off


To ensure satisfaction please review our staff member profiles before booking!



Choosing The Correct Full Set For You!


Descriptions of each Full Set Category


  • Regular Full Set: This Full Set is your general acrylic powder with regular polish. 

  • Gel Polish Full Set:  This Full Set is your general acrylic powder with gel polish. Polish usually lasts up to 2 weeks and comes with a guarantee for 6 days.     Please Select a Regular Full Set with Length of your choice and add on Gel Polish

  • Basic Freestyle Full Set: This Full Set is great for anyone that doesn't have a specific idea in mind, and trust us with our creativity. Comes with a minimum of 4 designs. Extra Stones can be added for additional pricing. 

  • Glamour Freestyle Full Set: This Full Set is great for anyone that doesn't have a specific idea in mind, and trust us with our creativity. Comes with a minimum of 4 designs. & 2 Rhinestone Nails

  • Angel Lux Full Set: This Full Set is for the clients that want to go all out and feel glamorous and luxurious!

  • This set includes 4 designs and 2 rhinestone nails.. * Additional rhinestones can be added for an extra cost.

  • Copy Cat Full Set: This Full Set is a picture recreation, they are priced as (Simple, Medium, Complex) Depending on the detail of your desired set you are wanting to recreate. 


We look forward to servicing you! 

If you have any question please contact us at (850)536-6051 

Staff Members


Tiffany Quach

Hi, I’m Tiffany CEO of Bellezza Beauty Bar. Master Level 3 Technician. I have 11 years of experience in the nail industry. I specialize in Nail Enhancements, Manicure, Pedicure, and Dip Powder. I can ensure creativity with every client and will be sure to bring your vision to life. My goal is for all my clients to be satisfied with their services by using my master level skill sets and providing top customer service care.

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Alisha Tran

Hi, I'm Alisha Tran CEO of Bellezza Beauty Bar. I'm a Master Level 3 Full Specialist. I have been in the nail industry since 2003. I specialize in Nail Enhancements, Gel Manicure, Pedicure, Facial Waxing, and Eyelash Extension.

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Kim Tran

Hello, Im Kim Tran CEO of Bellezza Beauty Bar. I specialize in all natural nail services including Manicure, Pedicure, Dip Powder, and facial waxing. I have been in the nail industry since 2008.

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Angel Lam

Hi, I am Angel Lam, Level 2 Acrylic Nail Technician. I am a college student. I have been in the nail industry since 2016. I specialize  in Manicures & Pedicures. I am currently working on perfecting my craft and expanding my skills on nail enhancements.

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Cerena Young

Hey my name is Cerena Young, Licensed Full Specialist. I am a Level 3 nail technician. I specialize in all salon services. My goal is to Create a bond between myself and aesthetics solely rely on making sure that my clients leave feeling even more beautiful than when they come in. 

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